It has been a good long time since this trip, but I’ve been looking back on old pictures and I thought to myself, it would just be a shame to never share these. So here they are!

Emerald Pharms

First, and foremost, we hit the dispensary to get a steady supply of that sticky icky. This little place was super cool, its right along the 101 in Hopland. Tucked away in the Emerald Triangle permaculture oasis, surrounded by trees, gardens, and a tranquil little pond. Perfect place to score some yum. So we grabbed a couple grams and got back on our way. Happier than ever, I might add..

Bubs in repose

Believe it or not, you can bring your dog on this train! And so I did. I’ve always wanted to grow up and become successful so one day I could give my dog the life he deserves! And here we are, riding trains and taking names! I know, what a lame phrase, but I couldn’t help it..

And my two very best friends. Ayla and Sara, my sisters. Although the blonde one isn’t blood, shes family, and weird as shit, but we love her. We have the most wonderful adventures together, and I am very exited to announce that we shall be back at it again! February 17-18 we are hitting Yosemite for the incredible phenomena known as the “Firefalls”. An event that only occurs one week out of the year, where the light of the sun hits in just the right spot, and refracts back off the stone and through the waterfall creating the most spectacular appearance of flames flowing down the rockface. Its gonna be good! so stay tuned! And back to the mendo we go!

My beautiful sister Ayla

Such a picture-esk moment! And speaking of pictures, Ayla is quite a spectacular photographer, and she is thinking about starting her own travel blog. She has the most unique thought provoking pieces that she uses for all sorts of crafty things like posters, wrap around canvas, puzzles, magnets and pretty much anything you could slap an image on. So stay tuned because I’ll be sharing her site and some of her work.

After the train we got some snacks to stave off the munchies and headed to Little River. This is the beach where my oldest brother and sister grew up on. Our dad would take the them to the beach, play volley ball, and hit the surf. So it was quite a nostalgic place to be. Just the smell of the ocean and the marionberries growing off the trail brings me right back to a simpler time.

Before hitting the beach we stopped at our favorite toy store that our mom used to work at, and we picked up this skimboard and a kite. It was sure fun watching each of us try to get this thing to work, but mostly we’d slap the board down, jump on, and be immediately thrown into the surf. Not sure if we were doing it wrong or if it could use a little wax. Nevertheless we had a great time.

Oh the Wonder

Its the little things..

Little River

With old memories in mind, it was only fitting to create new ones. So we adventured down past this cove and found a cute croutchy little cubby to watch the tide and light a doob.

Our Squishy Little Friend

Just along the tideline I spotted this nifty little creature. Not in the mood to find out if it could get stung, I left it alone and went on my way.

Next we headed off to find the Devil’s Punchbowl in the Russian Gulch State Park. The water was absolutely stunning crashing off the walls of the bowl. Rolling back and forth like a soothing lullaby.

Driving to catch the sun set and found this pretty little nameless bridge.

This image really struck me. Just a man, and his dog. Sittin on a bluff by the bay, watching the tide roll away. oooo.. It makes you stop and think, not only about what he is witnessing, but everything I’ve seen in my day’s on earth. Images beautifully woven together, impacting me in ways they will never know. Even this nameless man, probably had no idea someone was sitting and watching over him, all the while adding silent texture and color to my life. I am in an endless love affair with the beauty of strangers, and this world that we live in together.

Thank for the read guys, and sorry for the typo’s. Its better to have a finished product than a perfect draft.

With Love, Morgan.

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