San Diego

What a magical land. Sand, sun, pina coladas.

First things first, we gathered some floral garnished daiquiris and headed straight for the beach.   

The Birthday Boy

We stayed at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa. It was like our own private island with 44 acres of white sandy beaches, palm trees, 5 pools, and all the cabana boys.

Our cute little bungalow with a surf style patio
A pleasant place

This pool was nearest our room but because it was on the smaller side and we were pretty pumped we thought we’d leave the peaceful pool-goers be and check out the big pool.

And it did not disappoint

The cool pool
All the green
Daffy and Daisy
I just love this place

There’s nothing like a good old night out on the town. So we hit the Gaslamp for a pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel. We danced our asses off and scampered off into the night, where a tiny Ukrainian woman carouseled us around downtown like a prancing show pony.

After a night out I was in desperate need of coffee, and pancakes and damn did that make me feel better.

Me, actually crying

, A terrifying jet ski experience~ So as you can see here, Julian is just having the time of his life. I, on the other hand, am not. Some people are scared of roller coasters and heights, and others are scared of getting launched off jet skis at 50 mph into shark infested waters. No thank you sir.

Day two. We planned on going to a yacht party and as we were just about to board they told us that we needed to make reservations along with buying tickets so we missed the boat. But Everything happens for a reason, and we ended up having an awesome time anyways.The streets of San Diego are just littered with these electric scooters that anyone can rent on lime or lyft. So we road all throughout the city Back to the Future style.

Checking Out

I will never take a 3 day vacation in San Diego again. I needed way more time here. I grew an immense appreciation for this place, and I will absolutely be back.

Thanks for reading guys! Until next time ~Morgan La Fay Along The Way

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