Indian Springs Calistoga

Hey guys! This week my mom’s friends flew in from Arkansas for a visit. And if you know my mom, you’d know that she will take any opportunity and turn it into a spa day! So she looked around the county for the best hot springs and mud baths, and she found this little gem. Tucked away in the hills of Napa County, is this beautiful Spanish style revival, with tasteful accommodations and fabulous spa treatments

The Indian Springs Resort & Spa. An Oasis of palms and enchanting water. Built in 1910, with much of its original architecture and historic beauty enact

With just a touch of modern influence

And it’s own Zen garden and Buddah pond

Me, Mum, and Karen awaiting our baths

 This was my first ever mud bath, and it was quite the experience! The first thing they have you do is go in and get your robes on, then they bring you into the back where there’s these giant tiled tubs filled with thick bubbling mud. One by one they help you in. I thought for sure I would just sink right to the bottom, but really, I was suspended on the top, and they lather you with pounds and pounds of warm silty mud. It was the most interesting sensation. Like feeling deeply grounded, yet weightless. Almost like being in the comfort of a womb again.

Like a glimpse into an era I never lived to see

A little while later they helped us out, rinsed us off, and led us into the next room with claw foot tubs full of misty mineral water. And it reminded me of this old bath house we went to in Arkansas. With thick white steamy walls, copper pipes, and wooden bath caddy’s, just how it was in the 20’s. Looking out the window, I could see steam escaping, and palm trees swaying. And just for a moment, I felt, of another era. Some cigarette smoking, hot springs bathing, beauty, living a life of extravagance and poise.

A girl can dream.. cant she?

Vintage Swimwear
Book nook by the pool

The first thing I noticed as I arrived was a gigantic cloud of steam billowing over a wooden fence. This, I later came to find was an enormous basin full of geyser water, supplying the entire property. Apparently it’s quite pesky for the pipes (they replace the entire system every 2 years from mineral build up) However it’s extremely beneficial to the human body. Among the bevy of minerals found in this water is Silica, the beauty element, often used to keep hair, skin, and nails vibrant and healthy.

Both pools are fed completely by geyser water, bouncing from 92 to 101 degrees. A very comfortable swim. But unfortunately I couldn’t stay long enough to really enjoy it. I had to run off to finish my last shift. So I had a quick cocktail, dipped my toes in with the girls, and road off into the sunset.. Where someone cut me off, and I ended up very late for work. But none the less I had a wonderful time. 

Tips: 1. If you are interested in the mud baths, call ahead at least minutes prior so they can turn the heat down and it will cool off enough for you to get in right as you arrive. 

 2.Ladies and gentlemen are separated, so don’t think your going to go and have a nice relaxing couples day, unless of course your not that fond of your significant other.                                                                                                

3. If you don’t bring a pair of undease and a bra that you don’t mind throwing out, then there will be brief periods of nudity. And if nudity is your thing, you go girl.

I hope you enjoyed the read, Ill see you guys next time!

Booking Information: (707) 709-8139

1712 Lincoln Ave. Calistoga, CA 94515

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