Jungle in the desert

Borrego Palm Canyon


This grove is home to an untamed jungle of giant palms, vibrant fronds, exotic wildlife, and peaceful waterfalls


Stone ramada with a fireplace

The campground offers day use parking, picnic areas, drinking water, restrooms, showers, full hookups, and some sites even include a stone ramada with a fire place. The campground has RV, group, tent, and another rather unusual camping option

Sunrise by the Yurts
Unique accommodations

The Yurts: Im particularly partial to these cozy little dwellings after living in one tucked away in Mount Shasta. If you are intersted in staying in one of these beauties on your desert excursion, you can make reservations at: http://www.theabf.org/yurt-experience-overnight-programs-borrego-palm-canyon-yurts

The Trail: is nestled at the base of two mountain ranges, located in the Borrego Palm Canyon Campground

The Campground: is located at 200 Palm Canyon Dr. Borrego Springs, Ca 92004  make your reservations at reserveamerica.com or just show up at the campground, and pick from what’s available


1.Be absolutely sure to bring a camera, because you will want to capture the feel.

2. The trail signs say to bring 1 gallon of water, per person. Now, You bring it. The elevation and the hike itself is quite dehydrating, and it really sucks to turn back once your up there. And if you’re like me and you get HANGERY when you haven’t eaten in a while, it would be a good idea to bring snacks or pack a picnic.

3. It’s roughly a 3 mile round trip mountain hike, so wear some reliable hiking shoes, or (my personal favorite) fivefinger Vibram toe shoes. Wear breathable clothes that will shade you from the sun, bring a hat, bathing suit, and a sweater that you can easily stow in your backpack if you’re not feelin it at the moment.

4.Plan out your trip, there are some truly incredible sights to visit in Borrego Desert. So go online, look at pictures, go to the visitors center and purchase yourself a $2 map and make a plan. The Slot, Maidenhair Falls, and the historic Vallecito Stage Station are just a few of the many sights you can see. Soon I’ll post pictures to give you a better gist of what’s out here.

5. Oh, and if your looking to save a little cash, boondocking roads, and free primitave camp sites are available throughout the park. I’ll cover that a little further in another post.

6. And as always, have fun!:)

2 thoughts on “Jungle in the desert

  1. Great tips. Thanks for reinforcing WATER. Not every newcomer to desert hiking understands it’s an extremely serious matter if they’re too cavalier about it. I look forward to discovering more about your travels, intersecting a lot of mine. Thanks for visiting Under Western Skies.

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