Oceano Beach stay

Luxury beach camping
Sandpipers and seagulls dot the shoreline
My little crustacean friend, Sebastian

The beginning of a beautiful trip. Our first stay along the way was on a drive in beach campground in Pismo Beach. In the early morning deep pink sun rises line the horizon, and at sun set the skies give off a rainbow reflection.



1. The tide rolls high up on the shore, so timing is absolutely key. You don’t want to get stuck out there. They post daily tide conditions on centralcoastweather.net

2. It’s a 2 mile drive on the beach to the campground, so off-road 4 wheel vehicles are preferable in the dunes but you can make it work with a smaller car in the damp dense sand.

3. If your wheels start to lose traction and spin out, STOP, stay cool and get out. There is firmer damp sand just beneath your tires. Start to dig a new flat path in front and back of your tires. Try it again and if the sand breaks lose again, dig a little deeper. Once you get moving DO NOT lose momentum. Drive closer to the tide where the  sand is damp, drive on up the ramp, and out of there.

4. If you come at night check out the lights of Pismo Beach to the right of the beach. They are pretty spectacular!

5. Bring a camera, check out the sea life, and have fun!:)

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